Saturday, May 17, 2008

Imagination Land

Storytellin' Boy is our day dreamer, inventor, artist, storyteller and spokesperson for fairness within our home.  One phrase sums up the central essence of Storytellin' Boy that is "active imagination." He talks, he pontificates, he tells tall tales.  He keeps us laughing and inspired on a daily basis. Click to Hopagator Eggs for a great example of his incredible storytelling abilities.

Storytellin' Boy has an imaginary friend named Hovan.  He doesn't talk about Hovan as much these days, but there was a time when this pretend friend was a central character in his life. Here are some of the things Storytellin' Boy has told us about Hovan:

Hovan lives in a log cabin in the woods that we often pass when hiking in Madera Canyon.  I witnessed Hovan's birth on "A baby Story" when Storytellin' Boy informed me the mother on the show was Hovan's mother and the baby was Hovan being born.  This imaginary friend is also an accomplished snowboarder. We saw his stunning athletic skill and sportsmanship at the Extreme Sports Finals last year.

Lil' Expert is all about facts and has little tolerance for the stories about Hovan.  He tries to set Storytellin' Boy straight as to the make believe nature of Hovan.  Storytellin' Boy calmly assures him that Hovan is real.  On a recent trip home from Southern California we made a designated stop to the "In and Out" drive thru to get some food.  All of a sudden, I noticed the car in front of us had a giant sticker on the back window that said HOVAN.  (Where's a camera when you need it?)  We all got so excited.  I was yelling, "Look, look it's Hovan's car."  Lil' Expert couldn't believe his eyes, and I think I detected a smug smile of satisfaction on Storytellin' Boy's face. 

Storytellin' Boy's new favorite pastime is Ding Dong Ditch.  No, he does not run around the neighborhood ringing the doorbells of unsuspecting neighbors.  He only does it to me.  He runs out the sliding glass door in the kitchen, and runs to the front door and rings the bell.  I see his maniacal laughter as he runs away from the door, and back into the house via the kitchen again.  I hate to admit how many times, I have hurried from various parts of the house to see his little figure scurrying away.  Now, I am conditioned like Pavlov's dogs, the bell rings and I don't even respond.  I hope the UPS man does not come ringing anytime soon.  I'm probably not answering the door. 

Storytellin' Boy also fits the profile of the classic middle child. He is always thinking of his older brother and of his younger sisters. If there are cookies, or ice cream, or any treat, he is checking to make sure everyone gets their fair share.  He makes cards and drawings for his brother while Lil' Expert is away at school.  He includes his sisters in his games of make believe and plays with them for hours every day.   

Every night before bed he wants to hear a "secret story."  This usually means a story that is made up by Dad, that has lots of Ninjas and Pirates.  Sometimes, Storytellin' Boy likes to take a turn and make up the "secret story" himself.

Storytellin' Boy will graduate from preschool next week.  He has loved the music, singing, and dancing at preschool.  He will start Kindergarten in July.  I worry a little about his day dreaming... I 'm sure he will give his new teacher a run for the money!

Storytellin' Boy dancing and playing instruments!

I will sign off with a few quotes from the Storytellin' Boy himself:

One night after dinner...  "My meat and vegetable tank is full, but my chocolate cake tank is empty."

Storytellin' Boy accidently elbowed his sister.  He gave her a kiss on the boo boo and she gave him a big wet kiss back. I overheard him say to her... "I don't like slober very much. Do you?"

On one of his nights to tell the secret story..."Mom, there is a giant banana peel throwing platypus after us.  Don't worry, it won't survive for long in the desert."

Storytellin' Boy your creativity and imagination are tremendous.  
We love you Son!  

We hope all your dreams come true!


storyteller said...

Thanks for your visit to my Haiku Friday post this week at Small Reflections … leaving the link back here so I can acquaint myself you and your delightful family. I love the ‘Mother’s Day’ photos of you with each of the kids and the entire ‘storytellin’ family. I feel as if you all must be ‘kindred’ spirits. Like Storytellin’ Boy, I had imaginary friends as a child but learned not to speak of them often … but I’ve always loved to tell stories ;--)

I hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

susiej said...

Very creative. What a wonderful,story and child you have.

Elle said...

Great Job describing your little door bell ditch guy! - I can't tell you how many times that child is providing laughter to both of us!