Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Moment of Quiet...

Last night was movie night at our kid's elementary school and my husband decided to take the boys. Both my girls were asleep by 7:45 PM. The dogs were lazy and sleeping.

The T.V. was turned off. There were no blaring video games. The phone did not ring.

The house was completely quiet. I realize how much I miss the quiet.

My life is mostly on sound overload. Our main room is tiled and sound reverberates off the tile. Children laughing and crying. Our beagle baying. 

The television, the radio, the Wii game system and the computer competing to fill the room with sound. 

I usually catch my quiet moments in the bathroom, but this is not guaranteed as a child may bust in at any time, or sometimes driving in the car when one child or another has fallen asleep in between drop offs and pick ups.

I can hardly remember a moment recently when it has been quiet in the house.  

I sat on the couch and enjoyed the moment of quiet. I drank a cup of tea alone in the quiet.

I read a magazine and a book I had started a while ago with no interruptions. No stops and starts. 

A blissful night to be remembered full of moments of quiet.

And then the moment was over...

The gang arrived home, the boys full of stories about the movie and the friends they had met.

The dogs decided to wrestle and growl in celebration.  

My husband began to practice his Piping Chanter (he's learning to play the bagpipes).

The quiet transitioned into a noisy night full of the many sounds of this lovely family.

Also to be remembered.

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Princess said...

Ahhh, I still remember those days. Now I wish some of those moments would come back! (And I mean only "some" (chuckle).
Have a peaceful, quiet week ahead.

Russ said...

It is nice when everyone leaves and you sit there thinking of how nice it is. But of course it does not last.

Lightening said...

Silence is golden so they so. I agree though that the sounds of family having fun are also golden. We need some of both don't we? :)

Thanks for joining us in Smiley Saturday this week. I hope you'll do so again. :)

MamaGeek said...

Ah yes, those were the days. Silence is supreme.

Elle said...

I love this post - it captured so well how I feel when the house quiets down and when it ramps up again - both are treasured.

Sandy C. said...

Ah, those moments are so sweet and rarely seem to last long enough. Treasure them while you can!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful moments captured in beautiful writing.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Quiet? What's that?

Even as I type this at 1:31am, Luke is starting to cry.

I have a beagle too! Don't they make special noises only an owner could love? LOL!!

Karen of the MomDot Street Team