Monday, May 5, 2008


This morning, I have found a pocketful of items in my son's jeans. It is amazing how he collects these little treasures.  A couple of smooth colored rocks from a neighborhood friend, a mini skateboard with a wheel missing, a plastic cap, and a stretchy soldier he found on the bus.  He has always been a collector.  One of his first statements about his baby brother was "He's messing up my collections."  He loves these odds and ends and takes more pride in them than the most expensive toys.

Another friend, watching her son play with a shoelace said, "I don't know why we buy toys."  I am not suggesting boycotting  toys, we have a whole playroom full.  My kids certainly have their favorites and they love video games and computer time, too! 

I think I know my children and can anticipate what will fascinate them, but they are unique and sometimes hold dear strange and mysterious things.  

The twin dolls I bought for my three year old daughter are loved and played with by my one year old.  

My seven year old loves his free Neopet stuffed animals that came in McDonald's happy meals.  He has played with these "stuffies" for four years now.  They are worn and frayed and they have travelled on many car trips with us.  

My five year old spends hours pouring over the I Spy books.  "I spy a marble, a clothespin, three keys, and a red checker."

It all just reminds me to forget about the media blitz of best toys of the year, and to stop and reflect on the simple tastes of a child.  

The simplicity of a child... 

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Teresa Shen Swingler said...

Hi Laura,

This is so true ... my baby Sophie just spent hours playing with the boxes and gift bags all her 1st birthday presents came in. Who needs toys when you have packaging?

Loved this post, and am really enjoying your blog so far!


Elle said...

Hey Laura
great little glimpse, and so true. Kids are so unique and they always manage a surprise or two.

susan said...

I have to laugh at this. All of your son's special treasures are the same types of things that mixed media artists sometimes collect...they give them the fancy name of "found objects".

Jo Beaufoix said...

My collection is not really a collection in that it's books, but this post reminded me I should have posted about Miss Es (7) collections. She is a complete hoarder. Precious stones, ornaments, pebbles, buttons, Puppy in My Pocket. She just loves stuff. I loved this post. :D

ChrisB said...

I think we are all collectors at heart. Well we definitely are in this family!

mjd said...

Yes indeed...those kind of things are treasures. I find several of these odds and ends on a daily basis.

IamwhoIam said...

Yes but the treasure allow imigination and nothing is better to play and open and streach than the mind

Alison said...

I think our son's are related!! I am always finding little "treasures" around the house, or washing machine!!

Pamela said...

I wonder if boys are more likely to have pockets full?

perfect post for collection theme!

Mariposa said...

My nephew too, he plays with the boxes and some funny, he grabs them first and the toys, we have to give it to him and beg him to play with it! LOL

Thanks for playing...sorry for the late visit, I'm not feeling well.