Sunday, May 18, 2008

Purple Princess

Brown-eyed Gal is our first sweet baby girl. She loves to dress up. She is very independent and chooses her own outfits. Sometimes it can be quite an ensemble!

She loves to play with her stuffed animals. She makes them houses and beds and is a good little mother.  Brown-eyed Gal especially loves kitties, doggies, and monkeys. If one of her little "stuffie" animals is lost in the house, she will make meowing sounds or barking noises until she finds them. "Meow, Meow," she'll say. "Mommy listen I hear my kitty crying. We have to find her. " 

Brown-eyed Gal's favorite color is purple. Last December, around her birthday she would say, "I want a purple birthday." Both Grandma's came through with lots of purple clothes, a purple jacket, a purple purse, and a purple teddy bear.

She is traditional girl, but having two older brothers has certainly made an impact. She loves to play rough and tumble, play in the mud, and make a mess with anything she can get her hands on. Baby powder, shampoo, lotion, and paint are some of her favorites. She can make a mess out of cake and cupcakes too! 

Brown-eyed Gal similar to her brother Lil' Expert in Life on the Spectrum has had her share of medical concerns. She has had chronic ear infections as a baby and now is having difficulty with her language. She will start a speech therapy preschool in July which will work on her intelligibility. She also has some issues with her muscles and coordination.  She walks on her toes and holds her arms close to her body. She will receive occupational therapy to help her muscles and her gross and fine motor skills. Hopefully, this will make her feel more comfortable in her body. 

Brown-eyed Gal loves animals. We have two dogs, two snakes, fish, and a box turtle. Here she is with Grandpa Buck's dog named Annie. 

It is a joyful journey to raise a daughter. We love you precious little girl.

"A mother's treasure is her daughter" 
-Catherine Pulsifer


Elle said...

Wonderful and cute pictures!
Isn't it fun and great to have a girl, I second that notion.

Anonymous said...

I hope she doesn't tell stories, I want to do things with her that stay private