Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Reading an all time favorite Goodnight Gorilla.

Relaxing after a busy day of fun!

I like the one about the Big Red Dog!

I am always a big fan of kid's reading.  It was a real treat for my kids to have one of their older cousins read stories to them over our vacation.  They loved it and even the dog got in on the act!

Check out red photos @ Ruby Tuesday.


Pinaymama said...

Love to read books too!!!

Pinaymama's Diary
A Mother's Journal
Simple Life, Simply Me
Life Expressions
Asawa's Love Book
Pinay in States

Dianne said...

lovely photos.

I hope they find the beach ball, bet the dog can help :)

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

What great photos!! That is a beautiful beagle btw! Clifford is a favorite in our house too!

Raven said...

Nice photos... nice to see kids reading... and a sweet dog. Took me a while to find the big red one... but I did eventually.

Sandy C. said...

Oh what a sweet moment :) I love that everyone is so attentive!

GReat pics!