Friday, August 22, 2008

The Buggy Love continues...

Today Storytellin' Boy found a new bug we had never seen before.

Conversation as follows:

"Mom, Look at this bug I found. Isn't he cute? I think he's just a baby."

"You better be careful about picking up new bugs, it might bite you."

"This one doesn't bite, and I know what kind of bug he is."

"Really, what kind?"

"He's a Tickle Hopper.  When he walks on you it tickles, but when he hops it doesn't.  He's called a Tickle Hopper. Isn't he adorable?"

"Yeah, adorable."

"Do you know what Tickle Hoppers eat?"

"No, I don't"

"They eat giggles.  Someone giggles and the bug breathes in the giggle and then his tummy is full. Can we keep him?"

Why not. Last week it was two Praying Mantis, some Flying Green beetles, and about a bizillion caterpillars. I guess we could add one little Tickle Hopper to the mix! 

More photo stories here!


Killlashandra said...

He's got the bug love going on that's for sure. Hope his collection doesn't escape in the house. ;) Nice picture of him, he's very excited and totally enjoying the outdoorsy life it looks like.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

oh, I love little boys so much!!

Genny said...

So cute! He is such a creative kid!

CrackerJacks said...

Great photo of such a cute kiddo!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Cute story!

Chris said...

He should be naming all bugs. Tickle Hopper is much more descriptive than all those scientific latin names.

Elle said...

very cute post - I want a tickle hopper for my bug collection.

Grandma K said...

This ranks right up there with the Hopagator story.
He is so creative!!! Maybe someday he'll autograph
a book for me. I know I'm prejudiced since he is my
grandson. But even so......

MyMaracas said...

Giggle-munching Tickle Hoppers, eh? I love it. Your son is one creative kid, bless his bug-lovin' little heart.

shubd said...

What an interesting blog you have ! And I am amazed that you find time to make such interesting posts in the middle of all that flurry of activity !
I was trying to make up my mind on which of the post to make the comment for they are so unique and interesting !
The Best legs in kilts was really nice :)
And I could so relate to your enjoying your solitude as much as your routine 'noises' !!

But this one really was so imaginative and fresh that I had to comment here !
The pic of course is lovely but the little boy's imagination !!!
:) .. he really is so creative .

I haven't been able to post of late as I am rather up to my neck with things . But it really is so satisfying to find that people do visit the blog nevertheless ! :)
Thanks for your visit .