Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chess Update

Lil' Expert played four rounds of Chess yesterday.  

He lost the first round and tied the next three rounds (which is called a draw.) 

He moved up this year from the Kindergarten/1st grade division to playing opponents all the way up to 8th grade. He is currently in 2nd grade.

Each draw counts as a 1/2 of a point so he ended up with 1.5 points for the tournament. The points add up throughout the year and figure into a player's over all ranking. 

He was excited to get a ribbon and happy to tie three of his rounds considering the harder competition!

Way to go Lil' Expert.  



The Wine Commonsewer said...

Amazing. Of course Chess continues to baffle me to this day.

Elle said...

Wow way to go! That is great he is learning such a complex game.
Amazing he is in an older group now, too.

Dad said...

Great job Son. You did a great job and are getting so much better all the time