Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mount Lemmon Mother's Day 2009

The girls love water!

Boys hanging out!

The whole Gang!

Stream Walking!

Me and my last little one!

On Mother's Day we got out of the heat of Tucson and headed up the mountain. The kids love walking and hiking in the streams at Mt. Lemmon and we had a great family day together.


Grandma K said...

Looks as though everyone had a great time. I'm just amazed at how the kids have grown so much in just a month.

Keep the pictures coming.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Cute pix

Elle said...

very nice pics
I love the one of the two boys
looks like fun

Genny said...

What great pictures, Laura.

How are you doing? It's great to be back; it's been a while.


Genny said...

What a great day, and what great pictures. Especially love that last shot!