Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She's gone Cat Crazy

Brown-eyed Gal has gone totally bonkers for cats. She doesn't really play with any of her toys, except those somehow related to cats. She has a giant pink cat pillow, two or three cat stuffed animals, a puzzle piece with a cat on it, a couple of cat storybooks, and a tiny little plastic cat that goes to a dollhouse. These are her cat treasures.

She plays with them all around the house. I see her tucking them into beds and feeding them with toy baby bottles.  She plays with the kitties in various corners. The corner of the office where she is hidden away from view behind a recliner, or in the corner of my bedroom behind the rocking chair. I hear her meowing and see her crawling around on all fours. She makes cat families. Sometimes she searches around for the mommy cat, or the daddy cat, or the baby cat. 

"Mommy, I hear my kiddy. Meow, meow. he's calling to me."

Today she got a new stuffed animal cat in the mail from her grandmother. She laughed and meowed at the new toy. She told her brother, "Look at my new pet." She told me, "Mommy my kiddy is so soft and so cute." She played with this new kitty for hours today, and tonight the new kitty is in the place of honor sleeping in her arms.

The funny thing is we had cats for several years. Murphy and Elephant were our two mischievous cats. The older kids loved the real cats and Brown-eyed Gal loved them when she was a toddler.  

Storytellin' Boy, our five year old started having terrible allergy attacks. We found out it was from the cats. We waited for several months, and tried different things, but his allergies did not improve. In the end, the cats had to go.

So now, we've added some new "pet" cats into the fold. The good news is these "kiddys" don't have their cat litter changed, they don't claw the furniture, and they don't eat much. They do provide Brown-eyed Gal with hours of companionship. They are quiet and well-mannered. Our two rowdy dogs could take some lessons. The best behaved pets we've ever had!  


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Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

That was a great story! My parents never let me have pets other than a parakeet and fish, so I spent many of my early years pretending my stuffed animals were my pets. They were great companions.

I love the photo of your daughter cuddling with her new kitty. What a sweetheart she is!

Kimber said...

Cute photos!

Sandy C. said...

This is such a cute story and pics :) She is darling!

MamaGeek said...

Oh she is a cutie alright. I sense an animal lover in your midst!

Joyce said...

I'm glad Brown-eyed Gal gets so much enjoyment from her kiddies. :)

Elle said...

great story
I have a cat crazy girl as well, her favorite. At five we had a kitty birthday party. Now at nine her favorites are tigers and leopards. SO I am still in cat country.

Anonymous said...

understandable, I like pussy myself love to see hers