Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brotherly Love and My First Bloggy Love...

Lil' Expert, our seven year old has been playing a game on the Wii this summer that works better with two players.  He has been excited about the game and wants his brother to play it with him. Storytellin' Boy, our five year old is not as video game oriented and often says no when his brother asks him to play.

Yesterday, Lil' Expert wrote up a contract that said, "My brother agrees to play the Wii game with me." He wrote sign here and then told his brother to sign his name on the line.  

Our five year old starts Kindergarten on Monday and just learned to write his name.  He signed his name proudly on the line. Lil' Expert then told him that now, "he has to play the game, or he would be breaking the contract."  He said, "Breaking a contract is illegal and against the law." 

It kind of worked for Lil' Expert.  He got his brother to play the game with him for part of the afternoon yesterday.  I don't know, maybe a future politician or a lawyer?


On other news fronts, I was presented with my first blog award from Karen at 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires   

Thank you so much.  I am really excited that you honored me.  I am so new to blogging and I appreciate your support and readership!!  I enjoy your blog as well!  

If you would like to pass this award on to a favorite blogger, see button on my side bar or visit Karen's blog. 


Elle said...

ok - love this post
this is the kind of things I started blogging for - to remember and record these great moments in my kids lives = love it

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

YAY! It looks so nice on your sidebar!! :D

I'd say your son is going to be a lawyer. I don't blame your 5 yr old for not wanting to play video games yet. The only game my 4yr old will play is Dora and the Purple Planet on our Playstation because it is rated EC (Early Childhood). There are no negative consequences for going the wrong way and all the action keys do the same thing so it's not as confusing.

Genny said...

Good for you! And what a cute post!