Wednesday, July 16, 2008

School Daze...

This mama has gone from one child in school to now having three kids in school. It's been a little crazy this week. My blog as well as my usual activities have taken a back seat, but we are all starting to adjust to the new routine. I think the kids are adjusting a little more quickly than me, but I am working on it!

It goes like this:
  • 7:04 AM drive 2nd grader and Kindergartner to bus stop
  • 10:40 AM pick up Kindergartner from school 
  • 11:30 drop three year old at preschool
  • 2:50 meet 2nd grader at bus stop 
  • 3:10 meet preschooler at bus stop 

My 2nd grader is a professional by now and has taken great pride in showing his younger brother the ropes on the bus and at school. He's off to a good start this year with a strict and challenging teacher. 

He's not to excited about his new bus driver this year. This is what he had to say about her:

"She's been a bus driver for twenty years and she knows all our tricks. She knows every trick in the book. Did you know there was a book about it? She won't let us trade Pokemon cards, or play rock, paper, scissors. She knows about switching seats. She's really strict."  

I asked my kindergartner if he had a good day after the first day of school and he raised his little fist in the air and said, "I didn't have a good day, I had an awesome day."

My three year old is going to a special speech preschool and she has never really been away from me. On the first day, she cried and tried to escape several times to come find me. The teacher's put a guard at the door to make sure she didn't run out of the classroom. She settled down about half way through the class. 

She is riding the bus home because her class is at the district office and I wouldn't be able to get to her in time to get back to pick up my second grader from the bus. The first day I was nervous about her riding the bus and I was anxiously awaiting at 3:10 for it to come. The driver was new and got lost several times bringing the children on his route home. He did not get her home until 4:30. What a hard day.

I was worried about day number two, but on the way to school my sweet little girl said, "Mommy, I'm a big girl. I stay with Ms. Heidi today." She marched in happy as could be and started her day!

I have been waiting and excited to have a break for a few hours with the kids in school, but I was surprised at how emotional I was to see the two of them off to kindergarten and preschool. I shed a few tears and really missed them while they were at school.

The kids are doing great. I'm still a little dazed... but excited about this new school journey in the life of our kids. 

This is what works for me, to keep breathing, be thankful, and to savor each moment with these little people because they are growing and changing so fast.

My husband took some great pictures of them on the first day of school which I will soon post.

Happy WFMW!


Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I have never heard of WFMW! What a cool meme!! I wonder if I can squeeze another one in? LOL!!

My son started preschool when he was 2.9 . I wasn't very worried about him because we drove him there. I think I will be more worried if he has to take the bus when he starts kindergarden in 2009.

Hopefully, over time you will be able to enjoy the alone time.

Genny said...

Busy schedule! You sound like me, running in and out of the house all the time. And mine aren't even in school yet...LOL.

Elle said...

sounds great but a crazy schedule