Friday, March 20, 2009

Chess Anyone?

Ready to play



I want to play too... like my big brother!

This year in 2nd grade, Lil' Expert has improved his chess playing ability tremendously. His coach tells us he has new found confidence and he has developed a swagger. He can beat almost everyone in his club at school.

March 14th and March 28 are the qualifying rounds for the Arizona State Championships. He is working to earn enough points at these tournaments to qualify.  

His brother Storytellin' Boy showed an interest at the March 14th tournament and played chess with Dad in between rounds. 

It is so great as a mom to see my son excel, especially because Lil' Expert has had his struggles with fine motor skills and coordination due to Asperger's. This is a great activity for him to gain confidence and have success.

Way to go!!


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Wayne said...

chess a true game of kings and he looks like he is enjoying himself .

I used to play chess all the time but I lost the peices.

great photo friday

Elle said...

Hey - so glad the men folk of your tribe had a great time at the chess tournament!
Congrats lil expert.