Sunday, March 8, 2009

Storytellin' Mama Update... Finally!!

It's been a while! 

What has been going on in the lives of the Storytellin' Gang?

Storytellin' Mama had a hysterectomy. More difficult than I imagined. Thank you so much for all the cards and support. Thank you so much Grandma Kasey for helping me with the kids for a month. I couldn't have done it without you.

I have also gone back to work part-time and am working with adult offenders who have cognitive and mental health problems to help restore them to competency within the court system. Very challenging.

I will also be starting a new fiction writing class in April. I have moved up to the next level through The Writers Studio. I'm looking forward to it so much. My goal continues to be to finish a couple of short stories to send out for publication.

Beautiful flowers sent to me after my surgery from my friend Gina

Big Expert has been such an incredible help to us all during my surgery recovery. I really appreciate how he took the boys to the bus stop every morning and pitched in so much in the running of the household. He is doing great with his photography and is excited to buy a new camera very soon!

Daddy resting with his girls

Lil' Red who has now officially switched from a redhead to a blondie is talking up a storm. She turned two years old in December and is displaying characteristics of the terrible terrific twos. She has gotten quite bossy with her brothers and sister, but I figure it is survival of the fittest considering she is the youngest of four and has to fight for her place in the sibling order. The older kids love to try to get her to copy their words and they laugh hysterically when she repeats them. 

Valentine's Day Breakfast

Heart Pancakes

Brown-Eyed Gal had her tonsils out and had a bout of Pneumonia. She has recovered well from both, although these last couple of months have been a rough road for her. She is enjoying pre-school and making up songs and dances that she performs for us daily. I have plans to enroll her in dance classes in the Spring. Her speech is improving and she is also blossoming socially at school.

Snow Day in Tucson

Storytellin' Boy continues to be prolific with stories, art and creations of every kind. He has started writing poems and keeping a journal with entries that keep us all laughing... a future post for sure. He has been doing well in kindergarten and started taking karate classes with his brother. He hopes to try out for his yellow belt soon. He also continues to be thoughtful and plays with his younger sisters in such a fun and caring way.

Lil' Expert has been improving his reading by leaps and bounds this year. He continues to be on the chess team at school and has two big playoff tournaments this month to try and qualify for the state championships. He is also taking karate and enjoying it. He continues to love the computer and is very excited we purchased a Mac mini this week for him and his brother to share.

I have missed blogging and I hope to be more frequent with my posts in the upcoming weeks!


Joyce said...

Laura, it is lovely to read an update on all your doings. What a challenging time you have been through. I hope you will continue to feel stronger and stronger.

Thinking of your writing class reminds me of a book that I very much enjoyed recently, The Hollow Kingdom by Clare Dunkle. I wonder what you would think of it?

Elle said...

oh great update
love the photo of Daddy and his girls