Friday, April 3, 2009

Watch Out for What Might Come Through the Doggy Door!

Scout and Bear are inside dogs. They live the good life sleeping on one of the children's beds at night, chewing plenty of forbidden toys, and driving me crazy. Like this week when Bear ate the hawaiian rolls off the counter and a whole loaf of bread on the same morning and when Scout shredded in many, many pieces a roll of paper towels in the living room... everywhere.  

We recently put in a pet door through our back bathroom, we call the mud room. The dogs would have access to the backyard at all times. The dogs were used to going through a pet door to get to their food in the garage anyway.

Scout, our beagle had been waking me up every night to be let out at around 2:00 to 3:00 AM. On any given night with four kids I am likely to be woken up by a crying baby, or a child having a nightmare. The dog was not helping my issues with sleep deprivation.

Scout learned to go through the new doggy door right away and has not woken me up once since the door went in. Bear, our golden retriever still needs some reminders about the door and will often lie down outside instead of coming back in through the door.  

It is so convenient because now we can go for day trips, or even be out for several hours without worrying about letting the dogs out.

A friend of mine asked me if the door was sealed and if I was worried about other desert creatures (snakes, tarantulas, scorpions) getting through the door. Luckily, it is sealed and somehow we have these invaders from time to time anyway. Part of living in the Sonoran desert. 

I saw this video on my friend Jennifer's facebook page and I thought I wouldn't mind if this came through the door...   

Happy Friday!!
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Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Freedom for the dogs and freedom for the people!

Tink *~*~* said...

I can't believe it - Bambi Pays A Visit! :)

Tink *~*~*

Strolling into the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

Joyce said...

That is so adorable. I wonder if the fawn panicked when it realized it was inside a house?

Alex the Girl said...

"After a light night out with the woodland boys, Fawn comes home only to discover that someone had changed the locks on the puppy door."

The nerve!

Cecily R said...

First of all...I know it's a cute little Bambi, but that would FREAK me out! I am very wimpy about wild animals...:)

Secondly, what would be the equivilant of a doggie door for kids? I need to research this idea...:)

Wayne said...

great photo friday

kayerj said...

unbelievable, great capture--how did they get it out?

Anonymous said...

I love the two dogs--what pals!!
Great idea and great picture.

Elle said...

cute cute cute
you better be watching that door!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh I LOVE IT. I'm partial to anything canine related, so this just gave me instant permasmirk!

That golden is a sweetie!